Over 125 Years of Success Building and Maintaining Electrical Infrastructure

In the late 1800’s, Lewis Edward Myers was a salesman working with Thomas Edison who dreamed of making the new, modern convenience of electricity available and affordable to American homes and businesses. In 1891, Myers founded The L.E. Myers Co. (L.E. Myers) in Chicago, Illinois, and landed his first job, which was a street lighting project. Through creative financing and integrity, Myers was able to obtain material and pay his employees, thereby building the foundation for a long and successful business venture in electrical construction.

In the 1900’s, much of Myers’ early work was devoted to building the electrical infrastructure that brought electricity to the Midwest, and connected villages, towns and outlying areas to major cities along railroad lines. Building this new infrastructure was a crucial development in the industrialization of America; and with the growing demand for power, Myers’ skills and experience were in high demand. In 1914, Myers sold his company to Middle West Utilities; yet he and his organization were retained. He held the position of President until 1930. During World War I, L.E. Myers directed efforts to “powering up” war-related industries. After the war, L.E. Myers was sought out to help design, supervise and construct a replica of the Panama Canal, which garnered widespread notoriety.

In the 1920’s L.E. Myers embarked upon many significant pursuits that included hydroelectric projects throughout Wisconsin, Michigan, Kentucky and Texas; earning the reputation as an innovator and industry leader.

In the 1930’s as the Great Depression began to take its toll, Myers, along with two other businessmen – Newton Rich and L.T. Allen purchased L.E. Myers from Middle West Utilities; thus reclaiming the company. L.E. Myers expanded into the southwestern U.S. and continued to maintain a strong presence throughout the Midwest.

During World War II in the 1940’s, L.E. Myers was instrumental in electrifying defense plants and wiring military installations to maintain an uninterrupted flow of power to factories and facilities across the country.

In the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s, L.E. Myers began constructing some of the first 345kV and 765kV transmission lines in this country and pioneered the use of helicopters for hauling and installing transmission towers.

In the 1990’s, MYR Group Inc. (MYR Group) was established as the holding company of L.E. Myers, Sturgeon Electric Company, Inc. (Sturgeon Electric) and Harlan Electric Company (Harlan Electric); and grew to one of the largest holding companies of specialty electrical contractors in the U.S. and Canada.

In the 2000’s, MYR Group had multiple acquisitions and became a publicly-traded company on the NASDAQ under the symbol MYRG in 2008. In 2000, MYR Group acquired Great Southwestern Construction, Inc. (Great Southwestern). In early 2015, MYR Group acquired E.S. Boulos Company (E.S. Boulos) and High Country Line Construction (HCLC). MYR Group acquired Western Pacific Enterprises Ltd. (WPE) in 2016, Huen Electric in 2018, and CSI Electrical Contractors in 2019.

Today, MYR Group subsidiaries offer a full suite of transmission and distribution capabilities to construct the largest and most complex electrical infrastructure projects across the U.S. and Canada, as well as a comprehensive commercial and industrial service offering for clients throughout the western and northeastern U.S. and western Canada. Our legacy of experience provides us with a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the needs of our clients in the markets we serve.