Fleet Resources

MYR Group Owns and Operates One of the Largest Fleets of Equipment in The Industry

MYR Group owns and operates one of the largest fleets of specialized transmission and distribution equipment in the industry. Since the founding of our oldest subsidiary, The L.E. Myers Co. in 1891, we have been a leader in the development of next-generation specialty equipment and are one of the few organizations that have the ability to continually invest in equipment for the transmission and distribution industry and tooling to meet the demands of our clients. These capabilities allow us to quickly and efficiently deploy necessary resources to projects throughout the U.S. and western Canada.

MYR Group owns nearly 5,900 pieces of equipment ranging from heavy-duty crew cabs, trucks customized for line work to the largest pullers, tension machines and setting cranes in the industry. Complete wire set-ups for major transmission work include a full complement of equipment and tooling for 138kV to 765kV construction. Each set-up includes a large puller and tension machine, wire stands, straw line pullers, sag cats, diggers, aerial devices for personnel and material, stringing blocks and other support equipment and tooling. We have alliance agreements with rental companies and manufacturers to supplement our own equipment resources.